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Intensity-Ps! The most intense RSPS!


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Join us at Intensity-ps.com

Welcome to the project thread of Intensity!
We are an economy server with a lot of OSRS content added!

Intensity is owned by myself and a close friend of mine, we've been working along side each other for quiet some time now.
We're working very hard to make sure everything is up to par and going to be enjoyable for everyone! We're not releasing something that's half done, and unplayable.

Lots of media to be added very soon!

Some features of Intensity that are added or in the development stages to be added in the very near future are listed below ;

Scam-proof flower poker & gambling!
✔ Fully working Nightmare boss!
Full Inferno minigame!
✔ Revenant Caves!
✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon and the Alchemical Hydra!
Raids I & II!
A flawless Grand Exchange!
Fully functioning Vorkath!
OSRS Bosses with the corresponding pets!
All skilling pets!
All skills working properly flawless!
All kinds of achievements!
And lots more!




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