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Found 25 results

  1. Arkcane


    ArkCane 209.4 - OSRS WITH CUSTOM FEATURES! Use the referral Tutor at home bank, use Walkchaos or Wr3cked, to claim your free starter pack!. Noticeable features: - Prestige Relics - Wheel Of Fortune - New Activity boss - New Weapon's, Armour, More content based towards new & older players! - Custom Raid (Arbograve swamp)! - Wildyman Modes - Chambers of Xeric - Theatre of blood - Nex - Earn donor ranks from just playing the game! - Amazing benefits for voting, discord boosting and even donating! - 2 Custom skills - Demon Hunter (DR Increaser) & Fortune (Required to upgrade gear) - Free Donor rank! Amazing AFK Zone, Fast runecrafting! - Custom Items - Inferno - Alchemical Hydra - Wintertodt - Grotesque Guardians - Well of Goodwill - Daily & Weekly Tasks - Hespori World Event - Tournament's - Upgrade System - Prestige System - Friendly & Active Staff - Quality updates and much more! Discord: https://discord.gg/AYVwT2uCBR Website: https://arkcane.net/ Latest update: https://arkcane.net/threads/update-notes-5th-july-2023.186/#post-338
  2. Server Has A LOAD Of Options Which Some Of It Includes: -All Skills Trainable -25+ Shops -Loads of Areas Usable -Grotworms RS Spawn Locations -QBD With Rewards Room -Dominion Tower (Not bugged Just Fix Rewards) -Different Teleport Styles Per Teleport Command -New Rank For Server Owner Includes Its Own Crown (Reg owner has a dif crown as well) -Admin Crown Is A Golden A -Mod Crown Is A Silver M -Loads Of Item Fixes (Just need to finish the options for the attack styles so it doesnt have kick, punch etc..) -Custom Items (Like at least 15-20 of them) -Loads Of Custom Commands (like ::fly ::flash ::red etc..) -All Emotes Working On The Emotes Tab -Custom Emote For Nomad Cape (As well as a new custom Multiplayer Dungeon For it) -Multiplayer Kalphite Queen -Multiplayer Construction (Yes yes I know you guys love single player con just fix the handler) -Special Summoning Pets (Removed death at hunger and pets grow after you feed them 5 items) -Special Owner Player Option *Rampage* That Allows You To Hit Anyone Anywhere -Special Owner Commands Such As ::trial :eathsentance :eathsentance2 and so on -Yell Color Recoloring (Use Hexadecimal Color Codes – All players can use the command) -Donator Zone Is Huge And Is Traveled To By The Boat At ::crabs -Godwars Is Reconstructed (You need Keys to open god doors made from Key Parts (Ids 20120, 20121, 20122, 20123, 20124)) -Easy To Load And Has Great High Detail Settings -Client Can Be Renamed As Well As The Cache Name It Puts Into Your User Folder -Snelm Crafting -Thieving Guild -All Agility Arenas Coded (Just need to finish up wildy course) -New Banker Dialogue (exchanges 2b coins for a Money Cert) -Jadinko Lair And Vines Coded -Polypore Dungeon Objects and Spawns Coded -Custom ::afk Zone (Make sure to read what it tells you) You can add me In-Game “Dan” I am Owner, I am Looking for Staff & Players will be keeping this server running for the foreseeable future
  3. ShadowScape is based of 317 with OSRS content built for the players by the players! Here at shadowscape we thrive of what the players want, we are a fresh server in BETA mode Full raids 1&2 with TOA almost finished Heaps of Minigames Full Inferno Achievements & Achievement dairy Collection log Coin pouch Full runelite HD heaps of game modes including ironman/group ironman
  4. Greetings Adventure. Are you looking for something unique; tired of the same thing over and over. I invite you to take a dive into an RSPS like no other. Make your own teleports, open up your own shop with help from the Banker at home, or enjoy some custom designed quests with unique lore. Love to skill, but hate the bank runs, well Build-A-Bank has you covered; in select areas you can build a temporary or permanent banking chest with use of the Construction skill. Glory run out of charges, use the Enchant Dragonstone spell on the amulet with an uncut or cut to get a (4) or (6) respectively, maybe even an eternal. This project is under Heavy Development. OldSchool BoneYard (OSBY) Welcome to a project Inspired by the game driving this community, and with a touch of custom lore/content; This custom server brings you back to a time when RSPS Custom servers were not custom made models imported into the cache. Unique Content Skill points - Like Slayer tasks, Skills have Tasks that their Master will task you - Custom shops for each master - An outfit for every Skill Build-A-Bank - Using Construction and Smithing you can build temp/perm banking chest at some of the Skilling locations Magical Orbs - Ever wish you had a way to make your own teleports? - want to get back to that favorite spot? - Customized teleporting that allows you to pick the location Social Skilling - if 1 or more players are using the same fire, range, anvil, furnace, altar, etc... then the exp gained is boosted - if you have them added as a friend that's more, they have you added, even more. Connect your Discord - Boosted 10% exp - Improved account security - Collect from your kingdom with a Discord command - Price checker - Player lookup Quests - Custom designed and written quests not from RuneScape Expected Content - Almost all working Skills - Mini-games - Bosses - Quests - And more... Planed Content - Discord integration - Discord driven in-game content - More Custom Quests - Custom mini-games - Even more... Media:
  5. Ethereal - A fragment of time. We are an new OSRS server that strives to bring balanced, unique content that seamlessly goes along with the known OSRS content. We are a community committed to being welcome and responsive to all players and providing consistent updates to keep the game fresh and enjoyable. Website: Ethereal Discord: Ethereal RSPS Feel free to type ::refer and then RuneList once you get ingame for some free goodies! Ethereal RSPS Trailer - Brand-new OSRS RSPS! - YouTube Content We host a lot of OSRS content with plans to bring a lot of unique, custom content to differentiate ourselves from other servers. - Fully functional RuneLite client - 117 HD, with plans for hiscores and trading post integration - Different XP modes - Choose between Regular (50x combat and skilling XP) - and Veteran (10x combat and skilling XP, with increased double drop rate and a title) to fit your playstyle - Custom tutorial - to get the player acquainted with Ethereal-specific content! - All skills working - including full POH, rooftop agility, and planned post-level 99 content - Daily tournaments - get your PKing fix; no requirements needed! - Dozens of bosses - including unique ones such as our Runebound behemoth and Chronozon bosses - Custom content - aims to be integrated with OSRS content - nothing too overpowered - Custom achievements - Each giving fun, unique rewards - Several minigames - Wintertodt, birdhouses, ZMI altar, etc. to provide alternative ways for skilling - Recipe and perk system - to provide item/gold sinks for nicer equipment and passive benefits respectively - Slayer superior monsters - with unique drops - and much more! Unique home area, offering many amenities such as an AFK tree, limited restoration pool, skilling nodes, and more! Custom slayer areas, providing unique drops and experiences with interesting mechanics for each NPC Vote boss to incentivize voting Convenient teleport interface to get around the world Elite versions of existing bosses to drop upgrades to gear! Seasonal events to spice up the gameplay Extra ways to skill, including birdhouse runs and falconry Custom achievements that involve you going across Ethereal to complete for rewards! Unique donator benefits to incentivize helping out the server - but nothing that will impact the economy too much Full hiscores and trading post integration, with the former being on the Runelite client as well! Transparent owner and developers that listen to every suggestion and bug report - your feedback is the most important to the success of Ethereal. Upcoming and Current Events We have a lot of events to keep our players occupied and keep the server feeling fresh! Videos https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yYcYkQFx-z8 Ethereal RSPS Trailer - Brand-new OSRS RSPS! - YouTube A lot of content is yet to be added, due to it being a work-in-progress. We have a huge vision for this server, and want to differentiate ourselves a lot and make this a destination for PvM, skillers, and PvPers alike. We hope to get your support!
  6. Old School BlissScape is a server created as the Old School version of BlissScape 718. It has all the great QoL features and high-quality content as the 718 server, but with OSRS content instead! This server is still in Beta - plenty of content still needs to be added, but what's there is functioning well, maybe with a couple of bugs. The server may have downtime and may be updated infrequently at first. Already Added: Searchable Player Owned Shops Reaper Tasks Ironman, UIM, and HCIM gamemodes Plus Skiller mode All GWD bosses Barrows Fight Caves Zulrah Vorkath Cerberus Kraken Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Callisto Vet'ion Venenatis Scorpia Chaos Fanatic Crazy Archaeologist All Skills 100% Slayer tasks Rooftop courses OSRS Skill interfaces Karambwans A ton more OSRS content is planned to be added in the near future, eventually becoming an OSRS remake except with all the Blissful QoL features you've come to know with BlissScape There is no planned server reset after OSBS comes out of Beta.
  7. Runelite | HD | Unique Rares | The Great Olm | The Nightmare Boss | Verzik Vitur | Alchemical Hydra | Vorkath | Ironman | Weekly OSRS Giveaways | Achievements | Profitable PvMing | Amazing PvP Leagues | Perfect Combat
  8. NebulaScape – 317 – Old School Fun! The main point of NebulaScape is to bring a little bit of fun back to private servers some mini-games will be require you to grind others won’t, my aim for this project is for our players to have fun. The game items up to raids within but most of these aren’t obtainable yet these will come into the game via bosses. I want to make it clear that I’m not looking for donations but as you know the costs for running the server can be pricey so if you’re happy to donate then you will be reward! - Donator drop rates/Zone/Easy Runecrafting - Mini-games(Torso Mini-game,Jad) - Fresh Eco, no sharks/prayer potions in shops - Event bosses - Barrows spawn on hills(drops keys) - JAD, selection of waves - Twisted bow can be obtain in-game from Skotizio - Discord Alerts - No game-modes - AFK ZONE
  9. Daniel500a


    Brand New Custom RSPS 1000+ Custom Items 50+ Custom Bosses 10+ Custom Minigames Skilling IS Working Perfectly Here As Well Active Community , We Are Based On Play2Win
  10. Don't settle for a Dream. Experience the Legacy! Join RuneLegacy for their launch, Feb. 8, 2023 @ 3:00pm EST [Official Website] Embark on a journey to the 2006 era of RuneScape with RuneLegacy. As the premier private server with a modern twist, you'll never run out of things to do with weekly updates and a growing community. Immerse yourself in over 35 playable quests, battle against all boss monsters, and hone your skills with our unique skilling contracts. Our Necromancy extension offers players new ways to train magic and prayer, and our quality of life enhancements provide a unique and engaging play experience. Don't miss out on this chance for endless adventures and excitement, join the RuneLegacy community today! Credits: Mige5 - Orion base Gallus - Development contributions (06Revive Base)
  11. Flashbang


    Elysian is a heavy content packaged server with all OSRS Bosses, CoX and ToB. Group and duo Ironman; play in a group of up to 5 friends. Flower Poker, Duel Arena, Dice. RuneLite Integration. Active staff. Competitions, giveaways, events.
  12. Update #1 Update #2 & 3 Update #4
  13. gloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforgedgloryforged
  14. 💰$150 Discord Invite Competition 🏆Server launch competitions (OSRS GP & Donator rewards) ✨Recruiting trust-worthy staff members & player content creators (PM Dbcrazy) ✔️Official Relaunch Date: LIVE NOW! 🛡️ About us Rune Decay is a 667 based engine loading content up to October of 2011. We have added additional support for certain OSRS & RS3 content & features to improve the QoL and fill in some of the gaps RS2 left. Although it is true we tend to stray in a more authentic RS approach, we also have implemented a limited number of custom weapon models as well as putting different uses to other legacy items. We aim to provide you with an enjoyable RS experience with the special RSPS twist you know and love. Join the adventure today! 📘 Content & Features ✦ 6 Different game modes including Ironman and Hardcore Ironman ✦ 24 Working skills including Farming and Construction ✦ Active Wilderness activities and events such as Boss spawns, Skilling events, PvP Bots, Hotspots and Bounty Targets ✦ Automated events such as Skill of the day, Shooting Stars, Evil Trees, Penguin Hide and Seek, Vote boss and World Boss ✦ Area looting system to eliminate the hassle of finding the loot you want to pick up ✦ Balanced combat system ✦ Build your own Player Owned House and train Construction ✦ Cast your spells with runes in your Rune Pouch or from special spell sacks ✦ Convenient right-click options added to every Skill for quick and easy teleport options ✦ Client additions such as Shift-click dropping, Ground Item Indicators, Loot beams, Keypress Teleports and Keyboard dialogue options ✦ Custom implemented bosses including Lucien, Lite Demons, Kar'lak the Warmonger, Blink and more ✦ Create new gear and weapons, learn unique tactics and craft new consumable items at The Sacred Forge ✦ Dedicated development team motivated to provide quality, enjoyable content ✦ Earn rare pets through Skilling and Bossing ✦ Full Collection Log data with support for Bosses, Clue Scrolls, Mini-games and special activities ✦ Fully working Grand Exchange system with a plethora of infinitely stocked items ✦ Gear presets and loadouts to switch between setups quicker ✦ Increased rendering distance with availability to zoom ✦ Mage Arena mini-game with randomized boss spawn to earn Imbued God Capes ✦ Optimized Edgeville home area with ease of access to Skilling, PvP and Teleports ✦ OSRS boss support including Cerberus, Kraken, Vorkath, Vennenatis and Zulrah ✦ Upgrade and level up Legendary Pets for unique boosts and abilities & so much more! [/IMG] 📷Media: https://imgur.com/0XDNvK6https://imgur.com/0XDNvK6
  15. Welcome to my advertisement thread! Website Click here Client Click here Forums Click here I've been working on this server since 2013 (on and off) and really happy with some of the recent stuff being added into the game and I thought it's time for me to get some players on. If you want to see how much progress has been done since I last hosted this server, look at my original thread from 2014 - most of the content has been removed / changed, loaded new maps/items etc: https://www.rune-server.ee/runescape-development/rs2-server/advertise/545784-asproject-beta-317-a.html Now, you may be asking yourselves what makes this server different from the hundreds of others already out there already? And I welcome your scepticism, providing a brief outline of our goals and the comprehensive experience we aim to provide, something we haven't seen perfected in any other server until now! Server Features: • A perfect balance between PvP and Economy • It's not your everyday OSRS server you get these days. Majority of bosses/content is all unique to this server • 3 difficulties to select, 2 with there own benefits • Solo dungeoneering (duo soon) - dungeon level and dungeoneering rewards • Custom raids • Many unique bosses with all different mechanics to keep you active • Fully functional skills • Trading Post system • Looking for group system which is linked to the raid/dungeon system • Unique achievements - easy, medium, hard and elite • Custom quests • Nice mix between some OSRS and newer revision items [Bosses] Zevdis Ghaslor Glacor Zadimus Crazy Smith Necrovarus Vangaurd - 95 slayer boss - has 2 forms [Raids] Frozen Throne Virtus Team shop - spend points carefully Ice Queen - the hardest boss on the server Vampyre Throne Lord Nikolas Vanstrom Klause - final boss Demon Throne Hallak [Dungeons] Dungeon configuration Fully built in dungeoneering skill Treus Dayth - heroic dungeon final boss Dungeon Shop [Skilling] All skills work - nothing you haven't seen before... [Looking for group] Talk with your group completely seperate from clan chat [Misc] Achievements Boss drop viewer Cape of masteries Fight caves/kiln End game gear/customs Game modes After selecting Insne mode - upgradable whip (up to tier 90) Prayers Soulsplit and Turmoil are purchasable from dungeoneering and augury/vigour as a drop from the Vampyre raid Quest tab Trading post Slayer shop - tier 80 weapons/defender available from completing slayer
  16. Spooky


    Runelite | Mobile | Raids 1 & 2 | Wintertodt | Zalcano | Nightmare | Gauntlet | Trading Post | All skills. | Secure | Pet Perks | Daily Tasks | Quests
  17. 4hunnit


    http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/uniquecontent.png Event Bossing! From time to time a random event boss will spawn for our community to fight! http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/security.png Bossing and Point Skilling System Can't get rich from the rng? We have a unique system to ensure you can experience the most from pvming/skilling. http://www.vexiouspk.com/img/support.png Full Raids Implementation Theatre Of Blood, Chambers of Xeric and custom raids to come experience with your friends.
  18. Features: Raids I & II Nightmare Inferno Trading Post Group Ironman OSRS Drop System OSRS PID System Collection Log Automated Tournaments Achievements Daily Login Rewards Daily Tasks RuneLite Integration Discord Integration Hiscores Voting Full construction Wintertodt Tons of skilling content Full Slayer 200M capes Gambling Boss events A few high quality customs Smooth combat Rune pouch Mystery Box spinners Customizable user experience Media:
  19. Zaryte


    Custom home with easy to navigate areas Balanced custom items and pets with effects to provide both a unique and not over done feel Classic Chambers of Xeric raids, as well as a custom Raid Custom monsters/bosses in Deranged archaeologist, Elvarg, El fuego, Lava beasts, and our all new Seren multi boss with unique mechanics World bosses/group bosses. Tournament system with rewards/riskzone and tournament point shop An automated/safe gambling system Custom slayer perks/unlockables that reward the people that grind for them Superior bosses that have custom drops, and give better drops than the original boss Functioning skilling system as well as custom max capes Forge table to upgrade/enchant certain items into better versions Velrai coin exchange to dump random items for otherwise unobtainable items Custom donator features/zones with benefits for all ranks We are also constantly updating, improving our combat systems and bringing you new bosses to keep your experience new and challenging
  20. Welcome to Edgeville ⚔️ Edgeville is a 317 server loading higher revision data, we aim our game to be nothing less than perfect, for any user, Skiller, Player Killer, PvMer, Achievements, Hunter and competitive players. At Edgeville we strive for perfection, we understand even the smallest bug is important. Stay up to date with our 📊-updates channel, we aim to be entirely transparent with our entire community. ⚔️ Our dedicated team at Edgeville comes with a vast amount of experience and professionalism and are always looking to help, even us owners will dedicate a portion of our busy day to come ingame and answer questions and communicate with the players. ⚔️ So come join us, check us out and see what you are missing out on. We are full of unique fun content and you may even make a friend or two. ✔️ Our promises ✔️ We will never add content that the community does not wish to see ingame, everything is up for the players! We want to make this game the most enjoyable RuneScape Private Server to date (perhaps in history). If you notice a bug/glitch, please post it in our 🐞-report-a-bug channel! If it’s account related, feel free to open a support ticket in our 🎫-open-ticket channel. Some popular features of our server: 💎 Daily Updates💎 💎 Active community forum💎 💎 Active staff in game💎 💎 Hosted on top-of-the-line dedicated servers💎 💎 Fully functional bank tabs💎 💎 Complete clan chat system [All ranks, Correct RS Lootshare]💎 💎 Flawless combat💎 💎 Dwarf Multicannon💎 💎 120+ Achievements/Diaries [Easy, Medium, Hard, Elite]💎 💎 Instant open Clue Scrolls💎 💎 Perfected farming💎 💎 All skills working💎 💎 Jad/Kiln, Barrows, Duel arena, Pest control, Fight Pits minigames💎 💎 15 boss including Zulrah, Kraken, all Godwars Dungeon, Corporal Beast, Hespori & wilderness bosses💎 💎 Raids 1 & 2💎 💎 All boss pets💎 💎 Tons of titles💎 💎 Max cape and Completionist cape💎 💎 Particules💎 It’s gonna be huge! https://discord.gg/Wtc3bpJMh4
  21. cybersck


    Open Beta Now Live! Welcome, be one of the first to join and participate in our Bug Bounty program for rewards. Sign up during the beta and get a $5 bond and mystery box. Get a head a start on the competition for what is sure to be one of the best up and coming servers out there. Over 1,000 Hours of development in and we're just getting started. Should Odin find you worthy, you may join us in Valhalla
  22. Chamber of Xerics / Theatre of Blood / Zulrah / Vorkath / Hydra / etc. Auto-Loot Pet Custom Weapons/Armors Trading Post (Grand Exchange) Presets & Titles Prestige System Teleportation Orb (PVM/Slayer/Boss/Minigames/etc.)
  23. Broomy1999


    NoblePk 718 Loading 900 cache Welcome everyone to Noblepk Our mission is to be the best economy server while making the game as free to play as possible and we strive to add new content and listen to our community Our Features Economy Server, Freshly Reset. Small Player Base Looking to grow. Active Updates. 4 Modes: Easy, Intermediate Veteran, Expert Player Owned Ports No EOC but has EOC fighting stances and animations. Bosses such as Araxxor, Vorago, Telos, Vindicta, Helwyr, Twin Furies. World Announcements on Boss/NPC Rare drops Reaper Tasks and Raptor Keys Perks and cosmetic overrides store All StrykWyrm's including WildyWyrm Rise of the Six -Fully working Squeal of Fortune + Quick Spin Option DoubleXp Weekend's -Donator Titles + Noticeboard - Custom Skilling Zones All skills working + Working Divination and all floors dungeoneering, Complexities aswell. Over 100s of cosmetic overrides that you get for just voting. Monthly top voter rewards Full working Grand Exchange Achievement system with 4 tiers easy , medium , hard , elite AFK skills Wc,Fishing and mining Multiple Dzones with divine spots. Prifddinas, with working agility course. 3 Segregated Highscores Modes - Normal Players + Player Mods / IronMan / Staff (Admins and Owners) Type ::NOBLEPK21 at login for a free baby troll pet, 5m cash , mboxes and supply cache And alot more features ingame come to check it out
  24. Rune Divinity is a brand new inovative 718 Pre-EOC server that has unique features such as Custom Skill Prestiging, Custom Donator features...Everything else is made to be as close to real RuneScape back in 2011/2012. The staff team is dedicated to bringing what the player base wants the game to be and we strive to make the game as enjoyable as possible. The server offers 24/7 uptime, only downtime will be maintenance for updates otherwise you get to enjoy the server at its best. Every weekend will be double xp as we understand some people have jobs during the week. Every skill has their own teleports for ease of access, Slayer tasks will have their own teleport to make it easier as a whole. Fully working Comp and Max capes T90 weaponry and armor Unique Prestiging system making the game never a dull moment. Hiscores based off of Prestiging for the competitive aspect. Every boss added and all working flawless combatscripts Xp rates are x75 for Skilling and x85 for Combat Skilling outfits gained by training said skills Fully functional Construction with house interactions for most objects. Looking for active members and staff that will fit my team. Come on in and give the community a try, be a part of a growing community!
  25. Join us at Intensity-ps.com Welcome to the project thread of Intensity! We are an economy server with a lot of OSRS content added! Intensity is owned by myself and a close friend of mine, we've been working along side each other for quiet some time now. We're working very hard to make sure everything is up to par and going to be enjoyable for everyone! We're not releasing something that's half done, and unplayable. Lots of media to be added very soon! Some features of Intensity that are added or in the development stages to be added in the very near future are listed below ; ✔ Scam-proof flower poker & gambling! ✔ Fully working Nightmare boss! ✔ Full Inferno minigame! ✔ Revenant Caves! ✔ Karuulm slayer dungeon and the Alchemical Hydra! ✔ Raids I & II! ✔ A flawless Grand Exchange! ✔ Fully functioning Vorkath! ✔ OSRS Bosses with the corresponding pets! ✔ All skilling pets! ✔ All skills working properly flawless! ✔ All kinds of achievements! ✔ And lots more! Discord Website